Syria Holds Presidential Election on June 3

The government of Syria , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , said it will hold a presidential election on June 3 which will most likely be re- won by Bashar al - Assad .

Syria ‘s first presidential election since a constitutional amendment replacing the system of referendum , to be held despite the armed violence that has killed 150,000 people were still ongoing .

Syrian government spokesman , Mohammed al - Lahham announced the election date before parliament . He added that Syrian citizens living abroad will vote on May 28 and the candidates can register from Tuesday until May 1 .

" The presidential election will be free and fair , and under the supervision of the law , " said Al - Lahham .

However , the United Nations condemned the Syrian related announcement that presidential elections and warned the move would disrupt the political resolution of the conflict that has lasted three years .

" The selection of these are incompatible with the letter and spirit of the Geneva communique , " said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric in New York .

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Stephane refers to the agreement on transition to democracy as the basis for negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition groups .


LG D725 , LG Mini variant G3 Immediate Release

Previously , many people were predicting that the LG G3 will soon get a mini version , naturally called the LG G3 Mini . It is believed that the LG G3 Mini will run with model number LG D725 . And model number LG D725 has been found on the official website of LG . LG LG D725 is true that the G3 version of the Mini ?

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Reporting from phonearena , Profile UA confirms that LG D725 has a display resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels , and it has support for LTE smartphones and 3G connectivity . Other features ( which is yet to be confirmed ) seems to include an 8MP rear camera , and Android 4.4.2 OS orchestrated KitKat .

LG G3 offers a 5.5 inch screen Quad HD ( 1440 x 2560 pixels ) , but so far it is not known how large ( or small ) screen LG G3 Mini . In addition , the LG G3 will be announced officially in June 2014 , and so far there is no information on when the LG Mini G3 will be announced . It is probable that after the launch of the LG G3 to market .

Reportedly , LG G3 Mini may be launched in the U.S. by AT & T at some point .


Bakrie Pencapersan determined in Rapimnas, said Zainal

Golkar Party senior politician said Zainal Star Rapimnas party would determine whether Bakrie still championed as a candidate for president or take the opportunity to become a vice president of the other party .

" Bakrie quite promising from the results of the survey , but if forced into a losing candidate and turns , Golkar will lose the top entry in the government as vice- president . That is what is being churned in Golkar , and in my opinion will be resolved within Golkar Rapimnas May," said Zainal stars in Jakarta on Saturday .

Zainal explained the entire dream Golkar cadres certainly carries its own presidential candidate , but the sound of Golkar on April 9, is not the greatest , so that the position of the Golkar candidate threatened .

Another problem , he said , had only agreed to carry the Golkar vice presidential candidate , the exact figure will be carried also need to be reconsidered because of the current remaining two names as potential presidential candidates , namely Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Prabowo .

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" If it carries the vice president would need mechanisms and thinking . Himself in PDIP existing revolving discourse that figure should accompany younger Jokowi , not styled as president and military background to be able to protect Prabowo Jokowi of pressure, " he said .


Galaxy S5 More Than ’ The Big Sister ‘

Galaxy S5 actually recently entered the stores to be released into the hands of users . However, Samsung Galaxy S5 more confident when selling than ’ brother ’ . Yes , ’ his brother ’ in question is the Galaxy S4 which became the flagship Samsung phone before.

" Sales of the Galaxy S5 is faster than the Galaxy S4 so far , " said Yoon Han - kil , the team ‘s senior vice president for product strategy of Samsung , as reported by Reuters and quoted .

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However, Han - kil still could not reveal further sales volume that has been etched Galaxy S5 .

"It is still difficult to calculate sales figures for the Galaxy S5 detail , because this is still an early stage , " he explained .

Although already introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona late last January , the new Galaxy S5 whole corn is actually released to the market . It was held simultaneously in 125 countries , including Indonesia .

With the capital looks like it is not difficult to surpass sales of the Galaxy S5 for Galaxy S4 , which in its first month of sales to 10 million units sold .


No citizen Victim ferry sinks in South Korea

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to South Korea to make sure there are no Indonesian citizens who are victims of a ferry sinking Sewol tour on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

"No citizen of Indonesia in the ship . Indeed, there are foreign nationals who are victims : two Chinese nationals and one Russian , " said Didik Eko Pujianto , Information and Socio- Cultural coordinator of the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul to Tempo , Friday, April 18, 2014 .

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Formerly called foreign citizens who participated in the ship were two Filipinos . The Embassy has also expressed condolences to the Philippine government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

Currently , according to Didik , the number of victims is still unclear because the manifesto is not neat . However , until the news was revealed , the passenger is estimated to reach 475 : 179 survivors , 268 are still missing , and 28 died.

The South Korean government also invited the Embassy for help if the situation has been enabled . But this time the foreigners are expected not to intervene too . ” At the scene very hectic atmosphere , a lot of crying , ” said Didik .

Sewol weighs 6,325 tonnes ferry carrying 325 Ansan Danwon high school students , 15 teachers , 30 crew , and other passengers traveled to Jeju Island . The ship sent a distress signal at 8:58 in the waters around 20 kilometers from the island Byeongpoong , before it sank off the Coast Jindo .

Dozens of soldiers and hundreds of South Korean divers deployed to search for victims with the help of , among others , the U.S. warship , the USS Bonhomme Richard , who were patrolling the area .


City government and ITB MoU Targets “Smart City”

Jakarta Provincial Government to extend the MoU ( Memorandum of Understanding / MoU ) in collaboration with the Institute of Technology Bandung ( ITB ) in the fields of education , research and community service , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) this .

Housed in one of the rooms in the complex rector ITB , Bandung , a memorandum of understanding was ditandatangni by Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo and PhD Akhmaloka ITB Rector and staff . The event was also witnessed by hundreds of students through wireless broadcast big screen in a separate place .

In his address , Jokowi said , the cooperation memorandum of understanding covering several areas including water management , river , disaster management in Jakarta and the development of Jakarta as a smart city , town based on advanced technology .

" The direction to it . Sure ITB We have experts who are experts in their field , " said Jokowi .

In the same occasion , Akhmaloka added , concept development into a smart city Jakarta , leading to urban planning and management efficiently and effectively .

Akhmaloka pointed out , the litter can be immediately detected and sanctioned in accordance with the regulations .

" The storefront Jakarta Indonesia . Remarkable if jammed , Indonesia thinks like that . If beautiful face and good , Indonesian assume people are good , " he said .

Akhmaloka said cooperation with the city government has been a long established fact ITB . But in mid-2013 and then , the cooperation contract runs out and needs to be extended .

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He said that , if there is no MOU, it can not perform research development . Therefore, it appreciates the positive continuation of the MoU .


AirAsia Launches Three International Route from Johor Baru

AirAsia announced the launch of three new international routes newest hub of Johor Bahru , Malaysia . This route will connect the southern region of Malaysia towards the 2 cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta ( 4 times a week ) and Lombok ( 3 times a week ) .

In addition , AirAsia will launch direct flights from Johor Bahru to the Ho Chi Minh City ( Vietnam ) 4 times a week . The three routes will be operated by Malaysia’s AirAsia ( AK ) .

The launch of three new international routes this will provide greater choice for people who want to Johor Bahru travel to three cities without having to transit in Kuala Lumpur first.

In order to celebrate the launch of the latest international route from Johor Bahru to Yogyakarta , Lombok and Ho Chi Minh City , AirAsia is offering promotional prices ranging from $ 0 , for a start date of booking 15 to 20 April 2014 and the travel period began July 11, 2014 until 30 April 2015 .

Special offer price for the additional cost ( extra flight ) applies to one-way , inclusive of fuel surcharge and airport tax ( airport tax ) , but not including any other additional charges .

" Johor Bahru is one of the most important hubs in Malaysia’s AirAsia . We see the potential of this city , especially in the development of international routes , "said Head of Commercial AirAsia Malaysia , Spencer Lee in a press release received by Compass Travel .

In addition to Yogyakarta and Lombok , AirAsia currently serves 15 flights per week connecting Johor Bahru and Indonesia such as Jakarta ( 4 times a week ) , London ( 4 times a week ) , and Surabaya ( 7 times a week ) .

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AirAsia also connects Johor Bahru with various domestic destinations via regional Malaysia 91 times weekly flights to Kuala Lumpur , Penang , Kuching , Miri , Sibu and Kota Kinabalu . Overall, AirAsia has served as many as 106 flights per week from Johor Bahru hub .


Red Lunar Eclipse Seen Today

The phenomenon of red lunar eclipse will be visible in most parts of Indonesia tonight .

Basically , red lunar eclipse lunar eclipse is the same as the other . However , when the moon was in shadow of the earth , at the same time the light of sunrise and sunset on the planet will be reflected in the month . The combination of the two is what causes the light looks like an orange moon could even like red blood .

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" Blood Red Moon " will be seen in 48 countries . However , for countries that are not able to witness this natural phenomenon , NASA will upload it to the site live chat so that people can still watch the process of this eclipse .

" In Indonesia , this eclipse can be observed from the region of Indonesia , except for the western part of Java , the western part of Borneo , and Sumatra . Moreover , Indonesia will only see the end ," said Chief Andi Eka BMKG SKYA , Friday, April 11, 2014 .

This lunar eclipse is expected to occur four times during 2014 that a total lunar eclipse on April 15 , ring solar eclipse on April 29 , a total lunar eclipse on October 8 , and a partial solar eclipse on October 23, 2014 .


Indonesia-Australia Strengthen Cooperation through Education and Sports

The Indonesian government and the Australian government to strengthen cooperation in the fields of education and sports .

" I think it is very good if the two countries developed cooperation . Sector education and exercise is the best way to develop it , " said Australian Ambassador Greg Moriarty when met at the festival and Australian Rules Football matches ( ASF ) in GOR Sumantri Brodjonegoro , Jakarta , Saturday ( 12/4 ) .

Greg said he was happy seeing Indonesian school children can rejoice while exercising . He was also amazed by the enthusiasm of the students when playing ASF - Australia’s national sport .

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" As someone who grew up playing and watching Australian football , is extraordinary watching male and female students from these schools to learn a new sport and play in friendship , " said Greg .

On that occasion , Greg also expect some sort of event to enhance the cooperation of two countries . He also considered that Australia will continue to support partnerships that promote education and sports with Indonesia .

" I am very happy to be here , the enthusiasm of the students was outstanding . I’m sure between Indonesia and Australia will be more closely connected through this partnership , " Greg added .

Greg admits Australia’s relationship with Indonesia is less harmonious , because he hopes that through such cooperation that is able to bridge the two countries and strengthen relationships .

"Education is the most powerful way to build a relationship person to person , this we have done since time immemorial and there is a future challenge , but I ‘m sure it will bond more closely in the future , " said Greg .

The event was followed by a 3 Cullinan West Java SMP and SMP 1 Kamung Kelor Tangerang , Banten . The two schools are the recipients of funds through a partnership between the Australian - Indonesian . The partnership aims to increase access to schools so that children can quality education through development .

Approximately 180 students and 40 teachers from the two schools attended the event . The students then competes typical Australian football .

Help Australian partnership , known as the Australian Aid is claimed has increased the construction of 450 schools throughout Indonesia . They also call have helped improve the quality of madrasah with the help of grant funding AUS $ 13.4 million .

Director of Middle Schools ( PSMP ) Ministry of Education and Culture Educate Suhardi hope this kind of cooperation can continue.

" We are very pleased with this cooperation , hopefully this can be continued into the future , " said Didik .

Greg calls , assistance or partnership with Indonesia , particularly in the field of education will continue to do it as long as the Indonesian government put forward the education sector .


One Choose Candidates For Jokowi So Misfire

Political analyst from the University of Indonesia ( UI ) Arbi Sanit said when the duo Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) - Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) imposed in the Presidential Election will appear ” solar twin ” or dualism leadership .

"If ( the ) JK , twin sun weaknesses will emerge . Therefore could be properly emphasized by PDIP and Jokowi , that JK can not make a decision . Was how when JK so vice Jokowi , " said Arbi Sanit here on Saturday .

According to him , who became vice Jokowi is someone who can complement the shortcomings and do not trigger influences the chances of the two powers of the president and vice president .

" JK indeed eligible , but yes it appears dualism vulnerability leadership . Secure JK I’ll not be made ​​a decision , " he said .

He said Jokowi as a candidate and the new young leaders , have high electability and popularity more than the other candidate .

Even so , he continued , when the former mayor of Solo choose the wrong mate , it will backfire to win the fight in the upcoming presidential election . ” Electability or popularity is not high enough for this country , because it has to find the right running mate , ” he said .

Some of the names rumored to be the running mate Jusuf Kalla Jokowi among other things , Hatta Rajasa , Mahfud MD and Vice Jakarta Governor Basuki T Purnama ( Ahok ) .

Within a few days ago , Jokowi said he wanted a companion that can co-exist and there is ” chemistry ” or a character distinct pleasure .

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" For example, the one in ( office ) the other one outside ( blusukan ) . Then that is a happy happy one administrative field . Well as the good , " he said .