2 Important Agenda Discussion Australia

2 Important Agenda Discussion Australia

CANBERRA - Australia plans to discuss improvement of economic and national security with Indonesia . It was announced by the Prime Minister ( PM ) of Australia , Tony Abbott before heading to Indonesia on Wednesday, May 4, 2014 .

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" It’s an opportunity for me to further improve Australia’s economic and national security , " Abbott said , as quoted by ABC News, Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) .

" It also shows that Australia is open for business , " he added .

During his visit to Indonesia , she will try to improve bilateral relations by means of talks with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) in Batam today .

In addition to Indonesia , Abbott plans will also make a visit to France , Canada , and the United States ( U.S. ) . Abbott visits to France to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D - Day landings of World War II .

Then he will also lead a business meeting in a number of places in the U.S. that is Ottawa , Washington , DC , New York , Houston , and Hawaii .pengecoran almunium

Abbott’s visit to Indonesia is the first post wiretapping cases conducted by Australia to SBY and his family . Indonesia and Australia agreed to sign a code of conduct to ensure there are no wiretapping conducted by the Indonesian authorities .


Ivanka “Slank”: If the Leader Dreaming Clean and Straight, Select Jokowi

Bass player music group Slank , Ivanka , praised presidential candidate Joko Widodo as being humble leader and populist . This figure has been long awaited as the people of Indonesia .

" Jokowi populist figure , humble , modest . Jokowi figure awaited from the first . Jokowi it chum , friend , not foe . If people dreaming of a clean leader straight course , choose Jokowi , " Ivanka said when accepting friendship visit to the headquarters Jokowi Slank , Gang Potlot III , Kalibata , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

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Together with Ivan , all personnel Slank from Kaka ( vocals ) , Bimbim ( drums ) , Abdee ( guitar ) , until Ridho ( guitar ) present in the meeting . With casual style , they receive the Jakarta governor .

In their conversation , personnel Slank hopes to Jokowi to prosecute violators of human rights ( Human Rights ) if Jokowi elected president . The request is one of seven ideas or ideas provided to Jokowi- Jusuf Kalla . The idea was called Seven Indonesian Moral Idea .

" Adili human rights violators . ‘s Of Slank . Input , there are five pieces , " said Jokowi when reading the request Slank .


TPU Rubber bivouac So Lake

Public Cemetery ( TPU ) Rubber bivouac , Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta , frequently flooded , either by floods and rains . Above conditions , the Department of Parks and Cemeteries Jakarta plans to elevate the tomb while building drainage .

Head of Jakarta Cemetery and Landscape Nandar Sunandar say , elevation and drainage projects that will be carried out in 2015 .

The location is to be elevated in the area Blad 37 , 15 , 16 , 17 , which is prone to flooding every year . Nandar said drainage will awaken it is outside the tomb .

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" This drainage which will hold water for later connected to the nearest river with TPU , " said Nandar , Sunday ( 25/05/2014 ) .

Based on the record , the tomb of times annually flooded areas , as happened in the early 2014 floods .

Related budget , Nandar claims still in the calculations . ” More details later when compiling a list of how the use of the budget in 2015 was out , ” said Nandar .

similar lake

It was recognized Muhammad Safri ( 55 ) , one of the nurses and guards at the tomb of the Islamic Block AA unit , TPU Rubber bivouac . According Safri , the tomb area , such as Islamic unit Blad Block AA 15 , 16 , and 16 , always terganang . ” It’s like a lake , ” said Safri , told City News , Sunday ( 25/5 ) .

In Blad 37 , said Safri , also flooded . ” Well , in January last , here ya .. like a lake , ” said Safri . In fact , he continued , in that there are at least four blocks of 15 tombs flooded 45 fighters .

" The height of the water when it reaches 1.2 m . Lot of fighters 45 tombs also were submerged . , But , I do not memorize any tomb . Sure, the water level makes me salute , " said Safri .

Safri dressed in blue and labeled sub-department of Central Jakarta Administration City Cemetery , on his back , it admits , she just suck the water to reduce flooding.

"At that time , there were three engine operated pump . Directly discharged into the water dead time , " said Safri . Efforts suctioning performed Parks and Cemetery Agency with Tribal Cemetery in Central Jakarta .

Nurse graves , Munadi ( 50 ) , admits that condition . In fact , according to Munadi , he had seen a number of such people was fishing in the flooded area of ​​the tomb .


Denpasar Government Forms Sabha Upadesa

Denpasar Government formed Upadesa Sabha as an institution aimed at synergizing traditional village institutions , rural services , and traditional or Subak irrigation organization .

" Upadesa Sabha member Council of Experts who helped conduct the assessment that the three traditional organizations that can be done well without causing a negative impact on other aspects of the field , " said a member of the Board of Experts Upadesa Sabha , Dr I Nyoman Astita , in Denpasar on Friday .

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According to him , the agency formed Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Mantra Dharma Wijaya remain for sustainability aims to keep indigenous villages , Subak , and village in the middle of the rapid development agencies regarding various aspects of life in the capital city of Bali Province .

I Nyoman Institute chaired the Mega Tone , former Chairman of the Forum Bendesa , and protective Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Dharma Wijaya Mantra require the support and participation of all parties .

Thus , Pekraman Village , Village Office and Subak preserved , including the subak temple , although on some subak rice fields converted into residential areas .

Astita who is also professor of Indonesian Arts Institute ( ISI ) Denpasar explained that although the conversion of wetland can not be avoided , subak temple remain stable until now .

Chairman of the Research Center Subak Udayana University , Prof. Dr. I Wayan Windia expect Denpasar Government pioneered the development and establish a lasting subak area .

The breakthrough was an effort to maintain continuity of agricultural land and green open land for Denpasar city administration is still has a number of sustainable subak areas , such as Subak Anganbaya Penatih Village , District of East Denpasar .

Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Mantra Dharmawijaya expected to immediately establish a lasting presence subak area that can provide many benefits to the community life of the city, including the new attraction .

Perennial rice fields in addition to the economic impact and the fresh air is also closely related to Denpasar which now holds the title as the Heritage City , as well as a permanent member of the Organizational World Haritage City ( OWHC ) involving 250 cities in the world .

In Indonesia there are only two cities that have been recognized as a permanent member OWHC , in addition to Denpasar , also Surakarta , Central Java .

"The city ‘s heritage is not only about the keris and other heirlooms , but also art and culture of local communities into the system because Subak irrigation organization is part of the traditional elements of Balinese culture , " said Prof. Windia .


There is no test for the Future Sexual Health Organ-vice presidential candidates

Chief Hospital Gatot Subroto Army Hospital Brigadier General Douglas S’Umboh said , there are 14 tests that will be followed a couple of prospective candidates for president and vice president . Of these , there are no medical tests sexual organs .

" ( Sexual health tests ) just for women . Due baseball is that women candidates , so baseball is , " he said at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) morning .

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Presidential candidate and vice president of medical tests as a condition of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) . - JK Jokowi first undergo medical tests on Thursday. Meanwhile , Prabowo - Hatta will undergo the same tests on Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

The series of health checks include several elements , namely the examination of medical history , physical examination and psychological health , as well as investigations and laboratory tests .

Physical health or the physical examination includes inspection of the internal condition of the body such as the examination of the heart, blood vessels , lungs , surgical , eurologi , orthopedic , neurological , eye , ear , nose , and throat ( ENT ) .

Investigations consisted of abdominal ultrasound test , cardio , treadmill tests , x-rays , tests with a spirometer , audiometer , MRI , CT scans up . Meanwhile , laboratory tests include blood and urine tests consisting of hematology , physiology tests , kidney , and look if there are indications of a tumor .


Chinese Call U.S. ambassador Hacking-Related Claims

China calls U.S. ambassador , Max Baucus , Washington -related claims against five Chinese military officer alleged to have been involved in the case of Internet espionage , government media said on Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Assistant Foreign Minister of China , Zheng Zeguang , has met with Baucus on Monday night , according to China’s official news agency , Xinhua , citing the country’s foreign ministry .

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Beijing ‘s protests came after a federal jury on Monday claimed five members of Unit 61 398 Chinese People’s Liberation Army -related charges that they mereras total U.S. computer company in the interest of a number of state-owned China .

Such claims are the first internet espionage cases that have been asked . U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder , said the hacking is being done ” significant” and his call for ’ aggressive response . ” U.S. Attorney says five army to steal trade secrets and internal documents from five companies and a trade union .

Holder said in Washington on Monday that hacking allegations against the citizens of China , is the first of the ” who infiltrate American commercial targets over the internet . Victims of hacking Holder cites China ‘s army is Westinghouse Electric , U.S. Steel , Alcoa Inc. , Allegheny Technologies , SolarWorld and unions labor , Steelworkers Union.

" Suspicion of hacking is done for no other reason than to gain national enterprises and other interests in China with the loss arising on business in the United States, " said Holder .

In the indictment filed in Pennsylvania , the center of the American steel industry , the United mention Wang Dong , Sun Kailiang , Wen Xinyu, Huang Zhenyu and Gu CHUNHUI , Unit 61 398 officers in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army as a defendant .

China previously have hacked U.S. protest . Chinese Foreign Ministry saying the U.S. allegations ” absurd ” and stop the virtual world of a bilateral working group announced U.S. Secretary of State , John Kerry , when he visited Beijing last month .

China also say they face the same attacks . Beijing accuses U.S. hypocritical because Washington has monitored worldwide.

Xinhua on Tuesday , citing a spokesman for China’s State Internet Information Office that says the U.S. is the greatest striker of China’s Internet . The news agency citing data from a network of official China shows that from mid- March to mid-May, ” there are 2077 total net Trojan horse or botnet server in the U.S. that directly handle 1.18 million host computers in China ” .


Fighting Child and Parents Interfering Often, One Family diamuk Residents

A total of 48 family members of fishermen who lived in Lorong Anoa , Village Eye , District of Kendari , Kendari , still displaced in the family home in the Village Lapulu , Kendari . Large family consisting of 14 children , 12 women and 18 men today have not been returned to her home after being evacuated from the scene by police on Monday morning last , as almost being subjected tantrums local residents .

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"Tonight it happened they were asked to escort evacuation Mapolres Kendari , because there are about 500 residents in the Village Eye pelted the house to hurt some people . Indeed, there is also a fish bomb on their home page , but successfully suppressed after dozens of police securing the scene until the day dawn , " said Police Chief Kendari , AKBP Wicaksana Anjar , Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) .

Currently , police are still on guard in a large family home where families displaced Jamaluddin . 48 people came from South Sulawesi , but they ‘ve inhabited the area since last seven years .

" It started with a fight between their kids when the wedding date of May 11 , but as a parent to intervene so that a greater conflict . Actually, the police have to reconcile the two parties , dated May 12 night hundreds of people gathered and went to the house Eyes Jamaluddin , " he said .

Based on information from the people ‘s eyes , Anjar said , exasperated with the act Jamaluddin residents who often carry sharp weapons and challenging fight if there are family members who fight or dispute with local residents .

" Information so residents eyes , so they get annoyed and did not want a case like that again , " he added .

Meanwhile , Jamaluddin said , it was forced hundreds of residents displaced by the attack on his home .

" We attacked the people ‘s eyes , so we ask for help Kapolres . If it was not the police who saved , maybe we we’re going to get in the Police . Motive children fighting and mixed with adults, but we do not know what causes them directly attacked , " he said .

As a result of the incident , said Jamaluddin , there are four people were injured and one was damaged .

" We were forced to leave the house and do not dare to go there , because there is no guarantee we can be safe , " he explained .

Deputy Mayor of Kendari , Musaddar Mappasomba said it has helped people who are victims of mass fury at Keluraha eyes .

" So we lower the personnel of the health department to check them including social services , right of the Police they are only half days. Thank God all the anticipation quickly so there is no more conflict , while they lived with their families in Lapulu , " he said .

For his part, continued Musaddar , appreciate the 48 residents with no reply actions taken residents in the Village Eye . If the situation is safe , chances are they will return to his home in the Village Eye .

" Actually it was a ripple of social events in the community , due to kesalahahpahaman . Fortunately quickly prevented by police and officials in the Village so there is a wider conflict , we will continue to monitor the location of people and situations , "said Musaddar .


Survey: electability Jokowi JK Higher-than-Hatta Prabowo

Electability of presidential candidate PDI - P , Joko Widodo , and Golkar Party politician Jusuf Kalla , higher than Gerindra presidential candidate , Prabowo , when paired with the Chairman of the National Mandate Party Hatta Rajasa . Thus the results of a survey conducted by pollsters Political Indicators Indonesia at the end of last month .

" Jokowi when paired with Jusuf Kalla has the highest percentage , " said Executive Director of Political Indicators Indonesia Burhanuddin Muhtadi in office Indicator , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

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Burhanuddin said , when respondents offered two presidential and vice presidential spouse names , ie Jokowi - JK and Prabowo - Hatta , electability Jokowi -Kalla by 51.0 percent , while Prabowo - Hatta of 32.4 percent . The remaining 16.6 percent did not know.

When respondents asked for feedback about the duet Jokowi - JK and Golkar Party chairman Bakrie pairs Chairman of the People ‘s Conscience Party Wiranto , Jokowi - JK got 60.2 percent , while Bakrie - Wiranto 18.8 percent . A total of 20.9 percent of respondents answered do not know .

When all three couples were offered to respondents , Jokowi - JK still obtaining the highest percentage , ie 44.2 per cent . The Prabowo - Hatta get 29.0 percent of the vote and Bakrie - Wiranto respondents received 12.2 percent of the respondents voice . A total of 14.5 percent of respondents answered do not know .

Based on the survey results , vice president Burhanuddin said that figure is quite influential . However , the figure of a candidate remains a key factor in the rake support . Burhanuddin also see that Jokowi still got the greatest support than other candidates . However , he said , in the past month , the difference in support between Jokowi the strongest competitor , Prabowo , the smaller .

The population of this survey are all Indonesian citizens who have the right to choose the number of samples of 1,220 people . The margin of error of plus - minus 2.9 percent with a 95 percent confidence level . The method is done by face to face interview on 20 to 26 April 2014. Political Indicators survey was conducted in collaboration with the Indonesian Indonesian Democracy Development Foundation ( YPDI ) and the Australian National University ( ANU ) .


Ahok: Up Motorcycle Cool-cool, not Labour Shortage

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said , look at the items used by the workers , in fact they are not deficient . However, they want to get more .

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" So far we can see his cell phone cool - cool , cool - cool bike ride . So the problem is not a shortage , but the inn is more , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok it at City Hall on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

Basuki said the standard UMP just start initially . After that could obtain the excess hanging between labor demand and supply and the company .

Employment status and salary workers actually depends on what he was doing at the company where she worked . According to him , all companies will definitely consider everything if you want to elevate workers on a permanent basis .

Basuki said , it is not possible if policy makers to intervene in the company to lift its workers on a permanent basis . The stakeholders that can be done is to apply the regulation , in terms of prohibiting companies outsource .

" Outsourcing is not allowed . , But it if you want to be a permanent employee , the company certainly think-think . Same like civil servants . Still time honoree begging , so been so civil works even haphazardly . Worried that way , " said Basuki

Moreover , Basuki said , the company would not want to if the later has been lifted , making the act of the workers actually hurt the company . And , even worse , he said , the company must give severance if you want to lay off the workers .

" Now it’s laws are at issue . Nyolong If there continues to be dismissed , the company must still pay compensation . How can there be such a law . Nyolong and was found guilty , the company should still pay . Later everyone will nyolong dong , " he said .

Therefore , Basuki advised the workers to work even harder . So , he continued , determined an increase in welfare in the hands of the workers .


It accepts the family ‘s departure Dimas

Dimas dikita Handoko killed by persecuted by seven seniors in the room kosannya , Friday ( 25/4 ) . One of the relatives Dimas , July Raehan ( 42 ) said the family had mengikhlaskan Dimas death .

" It has become destiny , I ‘ve proud of him ( Dimas ) can go in there ( STIP ) , " said Mapolres July in North Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

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July said , Dimas parents threatened not to return her hometown in Belawan , North Sumatra before making 7 molesters Dimas punished severely.

" Parents Dimas will not return to Belawan before 7 this person ( suspect ) submitted in court , " said July.

According to the suspect’s family now no one apologized .

" Until now there has been no actor parents who apologized to parents Dimas , " said July.

Dimas was killed at the hands of the seniors . Midshipman who sit on the second level with 6 people abused other victims . According to the STIP , the perpetrator of persecution has now been named as a suspect and has been removed from the STIP .